The CUBIC consortium achieves the project objectives by collaborating in the following actions

  • Development and validation of at least seven (7) new circular by design biobased B2Bintermediate semi-finished products.
  • Combination and integration of the B2B intermediates in order to demonstrate the circular-by-design approach into two (2) end-products or specific applications.
  • Demonstration of CUBIC’s solution in two (2) value chains of complex plastic products(thermoplastics and thermosets).
  • Diversification of the potential of the B2B intermediates in at least three (3) otherapplications and sectors.
  • Demonstration of product circularity by validating their de-manufacturing process, recyclability and valorisation.
  • Assessment of the environmental, social & ethical and costs impacts associated with thenovel products within a Life Cycle approach.
  • Increase of CUBIC material performance (>10%) by applying Artificial Intelligence.
  • Exploitation & IPR strategy for Key Exploitable Results.
  • Development of a Business Plan to demonstrate the commercial potential of CUBIC’s developed solution and describe how this potential will be realised.
  • Communication and dissemination activities, aiming at informing, promoting,communicating and disseminating the project objectives, activities and results.
  • Training activities, aiming at providing knowledge and skills to industry, young scientists and engineers.